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Luxurious face of the Mercedes-Benz AMG

Mercedes is a brand with a really extensive and interesting past. For decades it has been creating its reputation on the car market, focusing on the high quality of the created structures. One of the most important events in its history is the merger that led to the creation of the Mercedes AMG brand. What was the impact on the situation of the company and the drivers themselves?

History of the German manufacturer

It is worth taking a deeper look at the whole subject, bringing a little bit closer to the history of the well-known German manufacturer. Mercedes-Benz, because that is its full name, was the forerunner in the automotive market. The beginnings date back to the 1880s, when the companies of two initially independent entrepreneurs, Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler, were established. After several years, a common brand was developed, whose name was created in honour of Mercedes Jellinek. She was the daughter of Emil Jellinek, a pioneer and automotive expert from Austria. To a certain extent, he initiated the development of the industry, influencing the development of the first four-cylinder car, precisely by the Mercedes Benz brand.

Quality, fascination, innovation and safety were the key aspects of car production. The cars were supposed to attract attention and be an alternative to standard, less prestigious serial models from other manufacturers. This resulted in customers having to pay more, but it did not prevent them from achieving excellent sales results. After several years, the brand had such an established position that it was known and respected almost all over the world. The production of passenger cars, lorries, vans, buses and even racing cars, designed for the strongest exploitation, has begun.

The Mercedes sportsman

Mercedes AMG line

In the 80's of the 20th century the cooperation between a young but prosperous company from Stuttgart AMG and a German producer started. Gigant has created the Mercedes AMG line, aimed at transforming ordinary models into a fashionable sporty style and, above all, performance. Drivers were eager to use authorized services in matters of alterations, but also bought special copies. Annual sales reached about 70,000 unique cars. The AMG approach to each engine produced is interesting. The motto of a company is "one person, one motor", which means that for each propelling unit is responsible one employee. This means that he takes his work very seriously and responsibly. This allows us to achieve the maximum quality of the final product.

Mercedes AMG GT - for the most demanding customers

Over the years, the AMG has proven itself so well that almost every series model now has a more competitive equivalent. Today, one of the key representatives of a civil car with a powerful drive unit is the Mercedes a45 AMG, created for the company's fiftieth birthday. It has a four-cylinder two-litre engine with a power of 360 hp, although the base was a typical city car. In addition to performance, a large contribution to the pick-up of the models has a specially reworked gearbox, adapted for faster driving, improved suspension and braking system, as well as an athletic external appearance. For the most demanding customers, a variety called Mercedes AMG GT has been created, with the racing and most efficient models that the manufacturer has to offer.


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