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Everyone who owns their own car is aware of the importance of proper maintenance of the paint. Currently, the market offers a range of products designed to protect the paint, remove water marks, spray waxes, products regenerating ceramic coatings, detailers with the addition of quartz, anti-static quick detailers. Which care product should I choose?

Quick Detailing is a term that means fast detailing, i.e. maintaining a good appearance of a car with little effort. According to specialists, everything is based on simple movements that lead to the application of the appropriate preparation and immediate rubbing it in with a special microfiber towel. As you know, the Quick Detailers were originally designed to liquefy water and counteract streaks that occur when wiping the car with a detergent. Currently, they are reinforced with carnauba and synthetic waxes, which gave rise to the so-called "sealants" resistant to external factors (acid rain, UV radiation, bird droppings and other pollutants).

What quick detailer?

Quick detailer is a preparation intended for use in cars. Its functions allow to protect the car paintwork and improve its appearance. The process of application is extremely simple and requires only a special microfibre cloth. The most common version of this product comes in a practical spray, which certainly makes it easier to apply it to the surface of the car.

Each driver has a choice of several types of quick detailer preparations to choose from. What's the difference between them? In the speed of its application. The easiest to use is the quick detailer wet wax, according to automotive experts. When to use it? It is applied during car washing, on a clean surface, before final rinsing. Another useful care product is Quartz Spray, which is applied directly to dry and wet paint. What is important, applying the product on a wet surface reduces its durability and makes it slightly more difficult to spread. The most difficult and demanding quick dealer is Carnauba Spray. The product is based on the formula of natural wax, which hardens just after spilling. Therefore, it is recommended to leave the preparation on the surface of the car for 30 minutes. Only after waiting can you start spreading the product.

Quick detailer how to use?

Preparations protecting the car paintwork are used when it is necessary to wash the car from dirt. Pressure washers and car shampoos are best suited for this purpose. It is worth choosing shampoos without wax and those which are good money. Once the car has been well washed and dried, you can move on to the quick-detailing process. The next step is to choose the right quick detailer product. The application of the preparation is very simple, it consists only in spreading it with microfiber. What is important, do not apply quick detailer on open sun and hot paint.


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