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Polishing paste and clay. Advantages and disadvantages

Abrasives can remove lacquer imperfections and stubborn dirt. Different materials have different applications, so it is advisable to tailor the products to your needs. When to buy clay and when to choose polishing paste?

Refreshing paste not for cleaning

The main difference when it comes to polishing paste and clay is the purpose. The paste is used to refresh the varnish and the clay to clean it. A paste is an abrasive that will remove the minimum thickness of the paint and will not scratch it. In this way you will be able to get rid of the oxidative layer, which is responsible for the matting of the car body and causes the loss of color depth. With a polishing machine you will be able to remove scratches or make them shallow.

Advantages of polishing paste

Paste is a universal agent, which can be used on the whole body or locally. Polishing can be done both manually and by machine. The effects of the application can be unique because they will bring out the depth of colour and gloss from the varnish. The cheapest pastes cost about 10 zlotys. However, it is worth to reach for example for a premium product from Meguiars, which costs about 70 zlotys, but polishes perfectly and is also safe for paint.

Defects of polishing paste

For effective polishing we have to use a polishing machine, the cost of which starts from about 170 PLN for basic models. The work will require skill and experience, as it is easy to damage the paint if even a fraction of sand falls between the disc and the car body.

Refreshment of the bodywork

The use of the cheapest pastes can cause even secondary scratches, so it is recommended to use only products of recognized companies, which, as we know, will cost a bit more.

When to use clay?

Before you decide to use clay or polishing paste, you should take a close look at the surface of the paint. When analyzing the problem, you should first wash the car body using a shampoo and preferably a sponge, which will be made of microfiber. If you can still see stubborn dirt, you will be able to use a tar & glue remover that can cope with tar, asphalt or resin residues. If the surface of the paint is still dry, do not scrub it or remove it by force. This is where the clay is tested.

Advantages of clay

It is a plastic mass with abrasive properties. The biggest advantage will be the effectiveness in removing difficult dirt, which is not easy to deal with. A well used clay is assumed to be safe for the paint. Considering the possibilities it is cheap, because for 100 grams of good product we will pay 25 zlotys.

Disadvantages of clay

Clay has abrasive properties but it is not used for polishing the car body. If used improperly, the paint may be scratched. The workpiece to be cleaned before claying must be sprinkled with a lubricant, preferably a quick detaileur to reduce friction. The use of clay takes a lot of time and requires practice, so not everyone will be able to deal with it well.


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