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Active foam - how to use it?

Active foam is a specialist care product whose task is to soften dirt and remove it. Highly effective and highly concentrated, the formula is ideal for pre-cleaning your car without damaging the surface. The active foam can also be used inside the car.

Active foam is clearly a powerful agent that contains many active substances that affect the structure of impurities, softening and removing them. It can be used on the car body as well as on chromium-plated or plastic areas. This product works perfectly well with pressure washers, which can be used to quickly and efficiently cover the surface of the entire car with this product.

Active foam - how to use it?

The extremely fast action of the foam makes it extremely popular and is used more and more often to clean the car body. The chemical active ingredients contained in it make the accumulated dirt and impurities soften. That way, you can get rid of them faster. What's more, foam cleaning protects the car body against mechanical damage and dangerous ultraviolet radiation. This product ensures the highest quality without damaging the surface of the car. Its lacquer remains undamaged, although in the case of other strong agents, it could be tarnished. All these factors determine that foam has a complex and safe action.

Before you begin to apply foam, you should prepare the appropriate instruments to make this task easier. Foaming machines, pressure washers and other foam forming devices will work well. For the active foam to work properly, apply it properly. It is recommended to apply the product from the bottom, i.e. the thresholds on the roof, to the end. The foam flushing process should also look the same from bottom to top. This method ensures the longest possible foaming effect on the lacquer and precise removal of dirt. Importantly, the foam should be diluted with water. The best result is achieved with a ratio of 1:10. Additionally, the car should be washed in a shaded area so that the paint is cool and never heated up.

Active foam - what's the best?

The active foams on the market differ in their strength and application. It can be distinguished:

  • Active foam for pre-washing - designed for pre-washing, which consists in removing dirt from the surface. As a rule, its composition is poorer.
  • Active foam for heavy soiling - a special agent that costs more, but also its action is more effective, because it removes heavy soiling such as mud, grease, gravel, sand or other dirt. This active foam is also suitable for cleaning industrial and construction machines that require professional preparations.
  • Active foam with wax - the composition of this agent is enriched with wax, which immunizes the body. Foam not only cleans, but also preserves. After using such a preparation, the car seems to be more attractive and at the same time more resistant to harmful substances.


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