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What do you need to know about car shampoos?

A good car shampoo is not only expected to remove dirt. When you buy it, we hope that it will do just as well with polishing, waxing the surface and giving it a shine without streaks, which are able to spoil this impression. The cleaning effect must be long-lasting, so that immediately after the first wash there is no need for another wash.

Today, more and more preparations have nanoparticles in their composition, which makes it possible for them to reach dirt even faster. This solution deserves attention also because after washing it forms a shiny layer that effectively repels water. This minimizes the drying time of the car and the driver does not need to use special cloths. Wax shampoo is another solution that is growing in popularity among drivers. This is also able to protect the bodyshell, which additionally gains an attractive shine.

People looking for unconventional solutions should also take an interest in shampoos, which include an electrostatic agent. This minimizes the risk of dust and dirt being deposited on the body of our car. If the shampoo does not have wax, it is a good idea to use so-called pure wax, a cleaning emulsion or a paint regenerator. Such preparations allow not only for deeper cleaning, but also for the maintenance of the paint. The shampoos we deal with on the market have different capacities.

For this reason, it seems particularly profitable to invest in bulk packaging, which is cheaper than smaller car shampoos. Currently, there are sachets available, which are enough for one wash. If we usually avoid washing the car ourselves, they seem to be the most interesting solutions. Before buying shampoo it is good to make sure that it has the appropriate approvals of those units that are accredited in the country. Only about such preparations we can say that they are not only harmful for us and the car, but also for the environment.

Safe car shampoo

Each car shampoo has a slightly different quality, so it is good to remember that its consistency should resemble a concentrate. This is why it is advisable to pay particular attention to its density at the time of purchase. The higher the quality, the higher the quality. Shampoos for car care are not expensive products, so it is not surprising that many companies are responsible for their production.

Popular car shampoo manufacturers

The most popular ones include Liqui Moly, Sonax, Karcher, K2, Atas and ActiveJet. The price of subsequent products largely depends on how capacious their packaging is.

It is also worth remembering that even the best car shampoo will not be helpful if we do not learn to use it in the right way. So it is worth starting not by cleaning, but by removing loose dirt. Only then can you proceed with the proper cleaning operations, bearing in mind, however, that the shampoo should be used in accordance with the recommendations of its manufacturer.


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