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Ferrari 458 Italia - Italian temperament on four wheels

Not evolution, but a daring revolution - that's the landmark year 2009, when the F430, which was produced for five years, forever said goodbye to the Ferrari 458. In the spring of 2009, the last copy of the cult series was auctioned at the charity auction of Ferrari Leggenda e Passione in Modena, and Ferrari 458 Italia left the production line in Maranello.

The first public presentation of the model took place in September of the same year at the Frankfurt Motor Show, immediately arousing great interest among amateurs of Italian supercars.

Ferrari 458 - technical data of the car intended for the racetrack

Ferrari 458 Italia is still at the forefront of the most advanced cars. The legendary design office Carrozzeria Pinininfarina is responsible for his design, and Michael Schumacher himself was involved in the construction of the F458. Until 2009, probably no car was as generously equipped with on-board systems as the Ferrari 458. The technical data of the vehicle speak for itself.

The heart of the car is a 32-valve V8 engine with 570 hp, which the vehicle reaches at 9000 rpm. The F458 is the first model of the Ferrari line with direct electronic and sequential fuel injection of the Bosch Motronic ME7 type. Sequential 7-speed double clutch F1 gearbox was designed for this model.

The ASR, ABS and CST stabilization program are among others responsible for the safety of this super-fast car. Improved aerodynamics of the model compared to the F430 version, flat chassis and aluminium construction result in very good adhesion to the ground. Additional pressure to the surface is provided by the front air inlets equipped with wings.

Steering wheel Ferrari 458 Italia

Ferrari 458 Italia - steering wheel or command centre

In 2009 nothing surprised automotive enthusiasts as much as the number of gadgets and innovative solutions used in Ferrari Italia 458. The steering wheel of this superaut was equipped with almost all the equipment necessary to control the vehicle. In addition to the built-in direction indicator switches, wiper switches, long lights and horn, it also includes an engine starter, Manettino switch and a gear shift vane.

Due to the wealth of equipment and possible difficulties in using the car, Ferrari manufacturers recorded a special instructional demo video to help beginners learn how to use the car.

Ferrari 458 - price worth a sin

If we would like to point to a super-fast, yet comfortable and generously equipped sports car with electronics, it will undoubtedly be Ferrari 458. The price of the new models oscillates between PLN 1,044,000 and 1,199,000. This is not a low price, but for owning a cult car that is the hero of many races, many connoisseurs are willing to bear such a cost. The cheapest version of the model is the variant F458 Italia, and the most expensive F458 Italia Spider Kabriolet, with built-in automatic transmission.


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