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How to improve the aesthetics of the car itself?

Today there is no shortage of preparations on the market, thanks to which we can take care of the appearance of individual elements of our car. Thanks to this, his care requires less and less effort from us, but at the same time it gives more and more spectacular results. You cannot underestimate the fact that it improves not only driving comfort, but also safety.

Bodywork - lacquered parts

If we wash the car body ourselves, we should think about whether to reach for one of the preparations available on the market for car body care. If you don't want to wax the surfaces of your car that are lacquered, a shampoo with wax should be the best solution to clean the body, which preserves and polishes them. Today the most popular are shampoos with an additional content of waxes with a preservative effect. Shampoos with microcrystalline teflon are also available. They are a bit more expensive, but they are very popular as effective solutions. They allow you to enjoy your bodywork in good condition for longer and do not require a lot of commitment from the driver.

What to clean the rims?

Another challenge for every car owner is cleaning the rims, and experience suggests that this is not an easy task. Wheel rims also have a big influence on how our car will be perceived by the environment, care about it should be something obvious. Usually dust and mud accumulate on them, but it may also turn out that the rims are a concentration of dust, for which our own brake pads are responsible. The best solution in this case are spray foams. Drivers reach for them willingly, among other things, because their use is not a particularly complicated task, but we must not forget that the effects of their actions last for a very long time.

Wheel cleaning

How do I restore tyre shine?

Once we have dealt with the rims, we can also try to answer the question of how to restore the former shine to the tyres. There is no reason to complain either, as there is no shortage of solutions on the market that are specifically designed for tyre maintenance. A relatively inexpensive and therefore very popular solution is primarily the use of a rinse aid spray. Its use allows to obtain the effect of a "wet tyre" and although we are dealing with a cosmetic whose action is short-lived, the effect is so satisfying that many drivers decide on such an option. If the tires are already damaged, the black and dressings will certainly help us. It is best to spread blackberries by hand, using a sponge or cloth, which not only prolongs the effect of the product, but also makes it resistant to the effects of water.

Plastic body parts

The bumpers at the rear and front of the car, as well as the plastic protective strips and fibers are taken care of in a slightly different way. And they are often in a state that is difficult to envy, and cracks and damage disfigure the car as a whole. If we want to deal with them, we should use preparations for self-adhesive use known as fillers. The last stage is to take care of the chrome elements and lamps in our car.

How to take care of chrome-plated elements and lamps?

Chrome-plated car parts are characterized by the fact that at some point they no longer have a brilliance, and thus lose their effectivity. The porous and matt surface of the handles is not appreciated, so it is best to opt for a delicate agent designed by the manufacturer to polish it with chrome. Cosmetics for polishing reflector lenses are also available today.


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