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Fighting scratches without spending money on the varnisher

A scratch on the lacquer is not only an aesthetic problem, because violation of the lacquer coating can lead to more serious damage and, consequently, to the destruction of even the car's sheet metal. The painter is always able to help us, but his service will probably be disproportionately expensive. How to manage on your own?

The problem of scratches

Regardless of the class and age of the car, the scratches simply affect all drivers. Some drivers have this problem less often, while others are a little less careful and have it a little more often. Regardless of this, the paint coating must be properly maintained. A well washed vehicle will be much less likely to develop any scratches and worsen the problems that already exist.

Sometimes, even without the driver's fault, a scratch will appear on the car. Wrap up another driver, under the wheels of a car will shoot a stone or something on the car will fall down. There can be many reasons for scratches. The lacquer is unfortunately quite delicate. It is impossible to avoid it completely and instead of standing on your head so that there is no scratch, you just have to be careful, and when it happens, react quickly to such a problem. A painter can always help us, of course, but with every stupidity you don't have to fly to him right away. Lacquering is usually an expense of at least several hundred zlotys, and you can really manage much easier.

Preparation for action

If we have a scratch and want to get rid of it, we must first clean the body properly before any other actions. It is enough to concentrate on the damage area to avoid wasting too much time in which the damage will get worse. The damaged area should also be degreased. However, the car should not be washed in an automatic car wash, because the things used there cause small scratches.

Scratches on the lacquer

Felt-tip pens

The simplest tool to remove scratches are the so-called markers, which allow you to apply a little bit of surface lacquer to the damaged area. The marker allows you to deal with a scratch easily and quickly, but it is only a masking of a problem that will appear again after a few weeks.


Emulsions can effectively mask and compensate for damage, but this option is only a temporary solution.


Waxing is the coating of the car with a special layer of wax, which protects the paint from direct contact with the threatening factors. Of course, it does not repair the paint itself, but the waxing of the otherwise protected area will strengthen the repaired paint. What is more, there will be very effective protection for the future and even an improvement in the visual quality of the car, because the waxed lacquer looks much better.


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