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When to replace wiper blades with new ones?

Wiper blades are usually completely forgotten and remembered only when a visible malfunction occurs. When they fulfil their role, you simply can't see them, the glass is clean and the visibility is very good, and that's the end of our care for windscreen wipers. That's their role in the end.

However, when they start to get uncomfortable, rain and other precipitation causes dirt on the windows and significantly reduces visibility, especially through the windscreen, which is the most important working place for windscreen wipers. Wipers shall operate silently on wet windscreens and easily remove all dirt and water from them in a way that does not distract the driver.

In practice, however, the inspection of wiper blades shows that in as many as 70% of cars this element is somehow damaged. Drivers do not pay much attention to their technical condition as long as it does not cause serious inconvenience. Minor issues are overlooked by them. In order to maintain the condition of the wiper blades, their manufacturers recommend that in conditions of Polish roads and climate the wiper blades should be replaced once a year.

There's no need to hurry

This does not mean, of course, that windscreen wipers have to be changed over regular periods of time, no matter what the real state of the windscreen wipers is. The windscreen wiper system's malfunctions are immediately visible on the windscreen of the car. Its surface is not properly cleaned and streaks are formed on it.

Condition of the windscreen wipers

Before replacing the windscreen wiper it is also worth checking if there is any greasy stain on the windscreen. Greasy surfaces reduce the effectiveness of wiper blades to a significant degree. The windscreen wiper may be fully functional, but the wax from the car wash will smudge and prevent it from working properly.

Feathers and other

Please note that not only wiper blades can fail. If you see noisy, uneven operation of the wipers, you can guess that the problem here is the metal frame of the wipers, which presses them against the glass, and even electric motors managing the wipers. It is worth noting, because windscreen wipers that suddenly refuse to cooperate can be a serious threat to the driver on the road. Furthermore, a malfunctioning wiper can cause minor scratches on the windscreen. Therefore, the replacement of the wiper blade and checking the condition of the entire mechanism should be done once a year, preferably just before or after the winter season, when replacing the tyres with summer ones. A wiper test that shows that the wipers are in good working order allows you to opt out of replacement.


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