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Auto detailing

What is auto detailing?

Days, months and years are passing and the car no longer looks like a shiny diamond. With the help of such a moment will come to us car cosmetics also known as detailing. This is a process in which the effect will outweigh the effect obtained during ordinary washing and waxing.

As the name suggests, Auto detailing pays attention to the smallest details such as removing microscratches or scratches from the paint, cleaning the fuel filling chamber, removing insect remains or footprints from shoes on the inside of cars. This treatment is time-consuming, tedious, tiring, but really worth doing.

Subjecting the car to such a comprehensive work will clearly improve the aesthetic value of the car, and thus its market value will also go up, if we consider selling the car, it will be a sensible action. Strictly speaking, autodetailing treatment is designed to clean, polish and primer every element of the car inside.

Step-by-step renovation of car paintwork

In the first stage, the car is thoroughly washed and cleaned to remove large amounts of tar deposits, tar and insect contamination. At this stage, the car body, windscreens or rubber seals around the windows, grill, finishing element and, most importantly, the car logo will be cleaned. Washing wheels, wheel rims, wheel rims and suspensions is also a key activity before renovating the car paint.

Automotive cosmetics

Use soft gloves and microfibre cloths to prevent scratches on the car body surface before renovating the paintwork. For this purpose, a special clay is used, which will allow the removal of impurities. The omission of clay could make it more difficult to polish the paint and achieve the highest quality in the field of automotive polishing machines. The next step is to polish the car and its elements.

Then you will also need to perform a comprehensive cleaning of the interior, which will include washing, upholstery and soffits to remove stains and impurities. By bringing the air conditioning process and the surfaces are protected with preparations that will protect the materials against aging caused by UV rays.

Costs of a car polisher

Ordering cosmetic treatments for cars to professionals assumes the use of good quality preparations and equipment and can damage your home budget. The price of polishing, removing scratches is difficult, and car detailing will be able to guarantee that the car will bring us a unique aesthetics.


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