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Preparations for protection of varnish against stone chipping

Probably the majority of us during the drive by car could already observe stones that fly out from under the wheels of the car that precedes us especially by lorries. Larger ones are able to cause serious damage to the car, while smaller ones cause damage to the paint, and this leads to corrosion. Are there methods that can be secured?

Mask, front bumper, mudguards and sometimes even the roof can be damaged by sand or stones. It is also worth mentioning that pebbles raised upwards can effectively tarnish the headlights or windscreen. In this type of collision it is also impossible to identify the perpetrator and in this way a problem arises, because there is no chance for compensation from the MTPL policy of the guilty party.

Therefore, it is advisable to use special products, which will be able to protect the painted elements against splinters from cars in front of us.

Liquid rubber

Liquid rubber is a special preparation in the form of spray and containers for pressure gun painting. They are applied to the car body elements in several layers and form a uniform elastic protective surface. The advantage will also be that you can change the color according to our tastes without any major problems. That's why this protection is for those who want to change the colour of their vehicle.

Preparations for automotive paint


Clear protective film is a proposal for drivers who will like the car and prefer not to change anything in appearance. Such a foil will be easy to apply on individual elements, it is not a problem, as well as its possible removal, if necessary. Foils of good companies are resistant to external factors, which is also important.

Protective strips

Such elements do not protect the whole body surface, but its individual parts that are most vulnerable to damage such as wounds.

Protective preparations

There are many protective preparations on sale, which are applied with a cloth on a protected surface. They can protect against paint chipping, but only when the energy of the impacting stone is not high. These are not permanent protections as the previously described products so we have to apply them on the car every few months.

The proposals currently on the table are the most popular and most frequently used when it comes to vehicle security. In this way we can be sure that the car will protect itself against damage to some extent.


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