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Long-term car rental

By renting an apartment, we become its owner for some time. We live in it and create our own corner, because we often cannot afford to buy our own apartment. Exactly the same way we can lease a car in the long term. This is different from leasing. At the end of the leasing contract we can purchase a car used by us.

In long-term rental we can replace it with a newer one. As a result, the monthly installment is lower in the case of rental. It is a solution for people who at a given moment do not have enough cash to buy a new, dream car or are not able to take a loan for it.

What is the difference between leasing and rental?

Leasing is a beneficial solution for companies. It does not force you to take out a loan, and at the same time you can quickly amortize the expenses associated with buying a new car. The main difference between renting and leasing is the tenant's intended end goal. In the case of renting a car is ours for the duration of a specific contract, after its completion we can of course extend it, or tie a new one for another car model. However, if you still want to own a car after the end of the contract, leasing is the ideal solution. This makes it possible to buy a car at the end of the lease period at a bargain price. Another difference between leasing and long-term rental is the additional package of services. In the case of rental we can have a full service in the price of the installment, so the only thing that will interest us is to refuel the car, leasing unfortunately is associated with the current servicing of the car.

What is long-term rental and what are its advantages?

Long-term lease is intended for both companies and private individuals. The offer is addressed to anyone who would like to improve the comfort of their travels, and thus have a car at least a little bit similar to the dream one. Companies offering long-term rental individually adjust their offer to the needs and preferences of the client. From financial issues to brand and model tastes. In long-term offers we will find many popular car brands. And as we all know, each of us is more or less a lover of a specific brand.

Cost of renting a car

Standard urban car models are available, as well as luxury models for the more demanding customers. The owners of commercial companies can rent a car for these purposes. The range of possibilities offered by the lease solution is wide and adapted to each type of customer.

The biggest advantage of renting a car is the fact that the monthly fee includes, among others: insurance, servicing, inspections, sets of tires with the possibility of storage or a replacement car in the case of forced repair of an existing one. Thanks to this, we do not have to worry about the continuity of owning a car. In addition, for long-term rental, the only thing the landlord should be interested in is a fixed monthly fee. All the rest, according to the purchased package, will be taken care of by the company offering this kind of services. This saves time and, in a way, money for the landlord.

Rental costs

Offers are prepared individually, so it is difficult to determine the price range of such a rental. Consider the model you are interested in and the available package options. We should also pay attention to the initial fee, i.e. the so-called deposit and the obvious rental fee. If you decide to rent in the long term, you will also have to bear the costs in case of exceeding the kilometre limit. This is also dependent on the company whose services we are interested in. It is possible to buy more kilometers, but as a result, the more we drive this car, the higher the fees await us. Although the monthly installment is much lower than in the case of leasing, which is definitely a more advantageous solution for potential interested parties.


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