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Car rental

Car rental - what to keep in mind?

Nowadays, car rental is a service that is becoming more and more popular. It is decided not only by private individuals, but also by entrepreneurs. Breakdowns, arriving in a given city without a desire to use taxis and public transport, or simply trying out a specific model - these are the most common cases in which drivers decide to rent a car. How does it work?

Flexibility and convenience

Hiring a car for hours is a very comfortable solution for people who do not want to commit to have a car in the long term. The main advantage of this process is that, thanks to it, a person will be able to settle private or business matters very quickly - without having to travel by public transport, which often runs only on specific routes or by taxis, where the cost is very high. This method of renting a car is so convenient that the customer can rent a car for as much time as he needs. If a situation arises in which he has to extend this time, nothing stands in the way of doing so.

Car rental process

The first step in the case of renting a car is to meet certain conditions, first of all - you have to meet the age criterion, and the length of driving license, usually at least one year. Each rental company has its own rules and regulations, which may differ from similar places, but very often it is necessary to have a valid identity card and passport.

Long-term car rental


Rental requires that in addition to the personal data of the landlord, there are also additional records, in which you will find information on where we want to collect and return the car. These places can be the seat of the rental company, but also very often - the address indicated by the customer. People are increasingly choosing to rent a car from one city and give it back to another. Such a service is usually paid for, and the place of collection and return of the vehicle is marked in the contract, although slowly to Poland enters a method in which we collect the car of a given person in one place and it is enough that we transport it to an agreed place, paying only for gasoline.

When renting a car, the contract must include the date you want to rent it for, the date of the rental and the date of delivery. If a customer wants to cross the country border or extend this time, it is imperative to inform the company at least 12 hours before the return period expires. In addition, the agreement also includes a price list for rent and additional costs or fees for the event.

The main criteria for renting a car are the class of the car - the higher the price and the length of the rental period. It is worth mentioning that long-term rental is much more profitable, because the prices per day will be lower. Additional car rental fee is primarily a deposit, which is the amount collected as security, and its amount depends on the class and model of the car rented.


Long-term car rental

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