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What is the responsibility for renting a car?

Car rentals are currently very popular. Once you have found your dream car, whether for occasional rental or for private use, all you have to do is take care of the formalities. As you might think, this is nothing complicated, because you only need to meet a few requirements, such as being of age, holding a driving licence, and sometimes being over 21 years old.

But what about a possible accident? What is the responsibility of the Renter and the Renter for renting a car?

Liability of rental companies

The consumer may have a claim if the rental company has failed to fulfil the contract properly, resulting in an event in which he has suffered some damage. In a situation where it turns out that the rented car had defects which limited its proper functioning, the consumer has the right to apply for a reduction in fees for the duration of the damage. If, however, these defects completely prevented the proper functioning of the vehicle, or they appeared after some time, and the Rental did not repair the defect and thus did not deliver a replacement car, the Rentee has the right to terminate the contract without notice. If a breakdown has occurred during the journey, which is a visible negligence on the part of the rental company, it should undertake the repair at its own expense.

Car rental agreement

Consumer responsibility

The landlord's liability is strictly defined in the terms and conditions of the contract. If, for example, a rented car is stolen, the consumer is not liable at the time when the car was properly stored. If the agreement states that the car should be in guarded parking lots and at the time of the theft it was in an unguarded facility, the Lessee may be charged with the entire damage. In the event that the Landlord exposes third parties to danger to health or life while driving and thereby damages the vehicle, the Landlord will also be held liable. However, if any damage is caused by any third party, the Tenant should not be charged for any repairs. All regulations are of course included in the contract and you should read them carefully before using the rental service - in some cases it may be necessary to take out additional insurance.


When deciding to rent a car, it is worth reviewing the car insurance offers. Usually rental companies allow the consumer to buy such a package. We should only get to know in detail the rules of such insurance and the scope of damages which are covered by them. This mainly protects us against civil liability for damage caused.


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