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Car rental - what is worth knowing?

Nowadays a car is a very important means of communication for almost every family. Unfortunately, we cannot always afford to buy a new car. We then think about leasing, but a very good alternative to leasing is simply renting a car. Among the possibilities available on the market, it is worth distinguishing this service by its short, medium and long term rental time. Which one to choose? Let's take a closer look at the terms of these agreements.

Car rental - for whom?

Rental is a solution for people who need a car, but cannot afford to buy it or take out a loan. Car rental companies do not expect from us their own contribution as in the case of leasing. Another difference between leasing and standard rental is the possibility of later purchase of a car. Both solutions give us this possibility, but in the case of car lease it is not a beneficial solution, and certainly much more expensive than during leasing. In addition, when renting a car, we are limited by the number of kilometres a car can travel per month or per year. And the more we ride, the higher the monthly fees will be.

In the case of monthly fees you can also see differences, mainly in the amount of the monthly amount, but also in what is included in our package. In the case of renting a proper selection of a package guarantees that the entire cost of operation is borne by the lessor. What's related to this - often in such packages we get sets of tires with the possibility of their storage, servicing, maintenance, insurance and a guarantee of receiving a replacement car if necessary. So the only cost that the customer has to pay is fuel and an obvious monthly fee. In the case of leasing, we bear the operating costs ourselves. In addition, we do not have to be interested in the decrease in the value of the car, because after the end of the contract period we have the possibility of renting another car.

Short-term car rental

Short-term rental of a car

If you decide to rent a car, considering all its advantages and disadvantages, it is worth focusing on what period of renting a car you are interested in. If you only need a car for a few days, during a business trip or if our private car needs to be repaired, the best solution is short-term rental. Usually it is a rent that does not exceed 30 days. It does not require our own contribution, and the formalities associated with this service are trivially simple.

Medium-term car rental

Medium term rental covers the period from 1 to 23 months. The longer the rental period, the more advantageous the monthly fee is. In this case, rentals often adjust their offer individually to increase satisfaction with rentals. We can terminate the contract at any time on convenient terms. And it will work well for a certain period of use.

Long-term rental

Long-term rental covers a period of 2 to 5 years. This is a very good solution for those who decide to use the vehicle for a longer period of time. In addition to the service package, rental companies are able to equip the car according to the customer's wishes. After the expiration of the contract it is possible to create a new car, and thus receive a new car for another longer period.

If you want to rent a car for a certain period of time, it is worth considering all possible solutions. Rental companies offer us an individual approach to the contract and adapt to our preferences.


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