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Hire of cars for hours - a practical and ecological solution

Maybe you need an elegant car for an important trip or industry event, or a car with a packed and practical boot. Another time, the small size of the vehicle will help you to move in urban space in crowded streets. No matter what your needs are, you can now choose the car you want, when you want and how much you want.

A car for hours - concrete benefits

Choosing a car that suits your needs and expectations is just one of the few advantages of carsharing. The idea of this solution was convenience, ecology and multiple use of one resource. In this way, the short-term rental system has become an extremely practical and environmentally friendly way of travelling, which is being used by more and more people. After all, urban space, especially a large city, requires continuous mobility.

Carsharing is also a cost-effective alternative to owning and maintaining several cars within a family or household. It is also a perfect solution for those who use the car only in sporadic situations. In such a case, owning your car does not carbonate at all and misses the target.

Hourly car rental is also a measurable benefit for other city residents and traffic participants. The growing popularity of this form of car use favours a significant reduction in road traffic, which in effect may contribute to solving practical issues such as the problem of finding a parking space - which is not insignificant in the space of a large city. On the other hand, in the broader perspective, short rental of a car will have a positive impact on the protection and care for the environment through a significant reduction of exhaust emissions.

Hire of cars per hour

The rental fee is collected and charged only for the time of using the car and on the basis of the distance travelled. You do not pay extra for fuel and parking in paid marked places. Not only that, but also because the insurance charges and mandatory maintenance are gone, in other words, you benefit from the car without having to own a private car, and at the same time you eliminate the costs and obligations that are inseparably linked to it.

Hire a car for hours - what do you need?

Application on the phone, which will allow you to go through the rental process. After the initial verification of the customer, the application will first point to a place with an empty car, and immediately afterwards it will enable opening the door and the drive itself.

The collection and return of the car is therefore based on a self-service system. Specifically, you are looking for an available car within a small radius of your location. Then you leave your car where you want it to be - of course you should park at legal points. Everything takes place within the scope of your activities, and thus there are practically no restrictions on borrowing - there is no office or other kind of base open at certain times.

You don't have to have one car. Instead, you can change cars like proverbial gloves. Specific model, size and color can be selected even depending on the current mood or weather. Above all, however, from current needs and expectations. Make yourself mobile without having to produce a registration certificate and incur operating and maintenance costs. Hire of cars for hours is a new, simple and proven way to move around the city.


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